Artist Statement

I work in clay because I love the search for a beautiful shape – just the right curve, the over-all balance and how the finished piece sits on a flat plane with the hint of a shadow line.

To find my muse, I often walk or cycle in favourite local parks. The natural world is a source of curiosity and quiet joy in my life.  It’s where responsibilities and chores give way to reflective thought and creative possibilities. Observing the countless shapes, textures and colours of nature encourages imaginative thinking.  Inspiration can be experienced in something as large as the Grand Canyon or as small as a pebble that fits in the palm of a hand, a coastal rain forest or one tiny patch of forest floor, an Arbutus tree trunk or one fall leaf of a maple tree.

I try to breathe some of the natural world into my vessels.

My current focus is smoke-fired vessels. I also make functional pottery.